The well-lit homes at Kakumäe
will be ready in autumn/winter 2021.


… just a few more minutes to drive from the Rocca al Mare Centre, from the new Haabersti intersection, and you’ve left behind the city frenzy to find yourself in the quiet and peaceful garden suburbs of Kakumäe. You are home.

The sounds of the sea will help you make new plans.

The sea

A kilometre away from your home is the sea with the sandy beach of Kakumäe, playgrounds, ball courts, and also a surf club in the summer. The surf club rents out equipment and organises SUP hikes. A bicycle ride away is Lake Harku, and a brief walk will take you to Tiskre Brook that connects the lake with the sea. On the morning side of the Kakumäe peninsula, 2.5 km from home, is the Haven Marina. The sea will lift your spirits.

A morning swim, the sunset, the horizon.

Favourable Winds

Tallinn’s great cycle and pedestrian lanes with lighting lead to the health trails of Nõmme and Harku woods, to Stroomi beach, to the peninsulas of Kopli and Paljassaare, through Pirita to Rohuneeme, through Tabasalu and Muraste to Vääna-Jõesuu. You can start taking sailing lessons and rent a yacht in the Haven Marina of Kakumäe.

May the winds be ever in your favour!

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