Signing the contract:
  1. Signing the contract under the law of obligations

    With the sale contract under the law of obligations, the Client will pay 20% of the total cost of the apartment ownership.

  2. Signing the real right contract

    The real right contract is signed after the construction work is finished. When signing the real right contract, the Client will pay 80% of the total cost of the apartment ownership.

The contract price includes:
  • finished construction of the apartment according to the design, interior decoration included
  • fees for building and joining power, water, and sewer lines
The contract price does not include:
  • the notary fees and state fees related to the signing of the sale contract
  • joining telephone, internet, and television networks
  • the interior decoration does not include mirrors and shower walls for the shower and bath
  • the price of the apartment does not include storage rooms and parking spaces

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